Alison Gold

Alison Gold (born May 9, 2002) is an American pop singer. She is only 13 years old, but already is one of the most popular young celebrities. Alison is mostly known for her single Chinese Food!
Alison was born in Fairfax, Virginia. In 2012 Patrice Wilson, a songwriter and singer, saw this girl, and notice that she has potential. They are working together on all Alison’s songs to date!

The first single, from Alison Gold, was Skip Rope. It was released as part of musical duo Tweenchronic. This single was an Alison’s breakthrough. After releasing this single, she released Shush Up, ABCDEFG and Chinese Food. In November 2013, Chinese Food single, was in 29th place on the Billboard Hot 100. It was very popular on YouTube as well! So, from November 2013 to March 2014, this single was seen by 14 million viewers!

All her songs received a bad reviews, because a lack of poetic meaning and mocking of other cultures, mostly seen in single Chinese Food. Many viewers are criticizing Alison’s video, for the single Shush Up. In this video she is portrayed as criminal in jail! At one moment she is being executed in the electric chair! Although, this video was popular on the YouTube, after many negative reviews it was removed! At the moment there is no website where you can see this video! It looks like, removing video made Alison and her partners think more carefully about posting something online! Since then, there has been no new post on her twitter and Facebook accounts!