Best & worst celebrity kids’ names

As we look at the celebrities for new fashion for naming our kids, we even look at them for seeing what kind of names they are giving to their children. From Zahara to Apple, below are a few names which will tell us what’s in a name.

Audio Science- the parents supposedly, one is a musician and the other is an author were searching for a word name & then finally picked up this name for their child which they felt was quite meaningful. But honestly speaking the name is hideous.

Pirate- You can expect front-man of the Korn to possess a very weird name for a kid to match his proclivities in Music. But Pirate is a bit too weird. Employing words having a negative connotation can easily target the children with personas of ill repute before they get a chance for establishing their identity.

Blue Ivy- it sounds just like the villain of Gotham. We at least know she will mostly fight some celebrity kid.

Alabama Gypsyrose- it makes complete sense that he Shooter Jennings will give a name to his son Wayllon only after his star dad.

Fuchsia Catherine- there is only one problem and that is giving the kid a name which has the first four letters like F*U*C*H is not too kind. The word pronounced is sounding lovely but to the parents only. The misspelling sounds much better that is Fushia. Much better than the original one. Parents pl take a note.