Bilingual is a must for Dania Ramirez

You know Dania Ramirez from the TV series Devious Maids and you may also know that she has twin babies. What you may not know is that she is determined that the kids grow up bilingual, the second language (besides English) being Spanish.

The twins, John Aether and Gaia Jissel, are now only 1 year old so they are not displaying their verbal skills just yet. If you are having some concerns about how that may just confuse the kids even more you may be right. The actress has stated she has some of the same concerns, however she is confident that that will happen only in the beginning.

Studies do not support that learning two languages during infancy is confusing at all, however it is a great way to get your fluent in more languages due to their ability to learn faster.

The actress also stated they are undergoing a massive process which involves reading stories to the kids in Spanish and talking to them in Spanish in the house. When it comes to storytelling she said they are reading or telling them the same stories in both English and Spanish so they grow up having good command of both.

It’s a good thing her family fully supports this decision and helps her. As the actress told People magazine she is having her cousin from Mexico live with them on a regular basis. The role of the Yoli (name of the cousin) is to speak Spanish as much as possible with the kids.