Celebrity kids and their debut

If your parents are famous, it is pretty hard to avoid all those flashes, attention, etc. Some celebrity kids hate that, but there are some who want to follow the footsteps of their parents.

Maybe they will not do the same job, but they will probably like the camera, and will do anything to be in front of it.

For example, the son of a famous rap superstar 50 Cent, at the age of only 2, has entered the world of modeling.

He got a deal with Kidz Safe ( which is an audio company ), and he got enormous 700,000$.

He's super cute, you gotta pay for it - said proud dad.
This cute little girl became famous since the day she was born. It is not surprising since her parents are super famous. We are talking about North West, baby girl of Kim and Kanye.

She was in the fall issue of CR Fashion Book, and she was wearing Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld was thrilled with her saying " It is never too early to care about fashion. "

Now, here's another kid who was also a celebrity like North, the day he was born. His parents are fashion icons, even though both of them had careers besides fashion.

Of course we are talking about Romeo Beckham. At the age of 10, Beckham's son had his first modeling gig with Burberry. He featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.

His mom Victoria says he really likes fashion, so we are pretty sure he will have a great modeling career.