Halle Berry On Her 7-Year old Daughter

Halle Berry is a proud mom and she is not afraid of showing it. During a recent interview the famed celebrated actress praised her 7-year old daughter stating that she is “Very Philanthropic.” Halle Berry dedicates her time, when she is not being an extremely good actress, to being the best mom in the world. She is currently a proud mother with two children, that is 7-year old Nahla Ariela Aubry, her daughter, as well as 18-month old Maceo Martinez.

In her interview the mother-of-two revealed that her daughter has turned out to be what she wanted her to be and that is a great philanthropy. When asked about the recent thing that her daughter did so as to make her extremely proud, the actress said that she recently was impressed by the fact that her 7-year old daughter also thinks about others.   

“She was very philanthropic recently and thinking about others and not thinking about what doll she was going to be getting when she gave her toys to a bunch of kids in Nicaragua,” she told Hollywood Life.

The two, Halle Berry and Nahla Ariela Aubry, are from visiting Nicaragua where they were accompanied with the World Food Program. Addressing the fact that her daughter was there, despite her being 7, Halle said that, “To have her mind in that place and be there at 7 years old is amazing!”

Nahla Ariela Aubry is also proving to have a giving heart. According to Halle, the 7-year old gives away the money she makes from lemonade stands. 

“The most important part was I got to take my daughter with me on that trip and she was forever changed, her philanthropic heart — just like, she got it, she got why we worked so hard to send money, why it’s so important to have her lemonade stands and send money overseas to places she’s never seen.”