Kate Middleton Announces Her Due Date

Kate Middleton has just announced the due date of their second baby with her husband Prince Williams.

During a an event which was held at Brookhil Children’s Center on Wednesday in Woolwich, the duchess, when asked by one of the volunteers who was at the event about when Prince George will be getting a brother, said that she is due “mid-to-end of April.”

The event that the duchess, 33, attended saw her meet up with parents as well as an on-site nursery which was at the children center. The children center is one of the most trusted and most recognizable homes in Britain and it is run by Home Start Charity, an organization which boasts of having more that 15,000 volunteers who assist in the day to life.

Although the due date has been announced, the two, Kate Middleton and Prince Williams are yet to indicate the sex of the baby. The fact that they have opted to keep quite with regards to the gender of their baby has resulted in many speculations about what the gender of the child shall be. For instance many believe that Middleton, due to the fact that she has been wearing very bright colors when up and about, will have a girl that said it’s also good to note that the duchess also putted on the same Jacket while she was expecting Prince George.

Back in September 8th last year, the couple announced that they will be welcoming the second baby into the world.