Like mother like daughter

Except for the color of hair, Violet looks just like Jen right from scrunched eyes to the cute dimples.

Looking at the photographs of Reese being a teenager is quite creepy as it is the same thing as if you are looking at the photographs of her girl Ava now. The two resemble in a very uncanny way but surely Ava would not have been upset if she looks like her dad.
These 2 definitely resemble each other as they both flaunt their red hair. But, even their feminine soft face features as well as the types of body are the same basically. At least Liv knows for sure that she is going to age in grace.

The youngest son of Beckham David Doppelganger is just a photocopy of his dad.

Gia is a fully fledged teen now and she looks even more like her mother Teresa from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” everyday. She has got her attitude also and that is why she is loved from her parents equally.

Joel Madden & Nicole Richie have 2 kids a son and a daughter who resemble Joel in every way.
Leni is lucky enough to have inherited the blondes of her supermodel mother and the long legs.
If we talk about the models’ children, if you see Cindy’s daughter Kaia you will be quite surprised.

Blue eyes, brown hair, disgusting dressing style, these are the traits that Suri Cruise has adopted from her mother.