Madonna's Daughter Lourdes “Horrified” by Singer's Sexual Nature

Madonna is preparing for her daughter to attend the same university she dropped out of, namely the University of Michigan, the Department of Performing Arts. Madonna, despite being a global superstar, is just another ordinary mom faced with a myriad of fears when her child goes off to school. Madonna revealed her worries in a Carson Daly interview, saying that she has concerns like any other mom. She fears, for instance, will her daughter have enough towels or Q-tips, and so on.

When it comes to Madonna's songs, Lourdes, the eldest of four children, is “horrified” by their sexual nature. Younger children, Madonna says, do not care, as they are not in that vibe yet. Although Madonna seems to be a workaholic who will obviously never stop producing music, she insists on the notion that her family always comes first. Madonna admits that it is hard to balance between a career and a home, and that even at the best of times, it is hard to find time to do everything according to plan.

However, Madonna is committed to taking her children around the world, for instance to Malawi, from where two of her children, Mercy and David, were adopted. Their children like to visit hospitals, tell stories and sing songs, and hold hands of the children who are gravely ill. Madonna said it teaches her children to behave in a generous way outside the glamorous world they live in.

Madonna will release her 13th album today, called simply “Rebel Heart”. It is poised to have profits exploding through the roof, like any other album she ever made.