Robin Williams News: Widow and Kids Fight Over Property

Well, we have seen women fighting over men, women fighting over property, but have you seen women and kids fighting for property? Guess not! However, this has happened presently, and we bring you the latest update of this feud!

Recent widow of Robin Williams and his 3 children are really in a tug of war over the property, and what’s more, the fight is so bad, that the court is seriously thinking what to do about them.

Susan Schneider, wife of Robin Williams has filed legal documents, complaining about a theft which has occurred few days after Robin’s death, but alas, Zack, Cody and Zelda Williams have a different story to say!

According to TMZ, Susan refused to let them in the house after Robin died. We're told before Robin met Susan -- he was very clear in the trust he created ... he left his personal effects, including his Oscar for the movie "Good Will Hunting", movie memorabilia, action figures, graphic novels, theater masks and other items to his 3 children

Susan on the other hand, has said that since she was married to Robin for three years only, acknowledges the fact that she cannot lay claim to personal belongings of Robin and items related to his acting career. Susan claims that she has the right to keep the items which were collected during their married phase like his wedding tuxedo or other knickknacks. However, the kids claim that Susan has redefined the term ‘jewelry’ and taken Robin’s watch collection, which is his personal belonging.

Sources who are connected to Zack, Cody and Zelda said that the children had allowed Susan to keep the mementoes of their married life, but somehow the words don’t seem to reach Susan.

Well, all we can hope is that Susan and the kids come to their senses and stop making an issue in front of the public. Sources close to Robin, says that the late actor would have been very displeased, if not sad, if he knew the present state his family is in. Our condolences go with both of them, and we do hope that the issue will be resolved sooner!