Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Found With Alleged Drug Offender

On Tuesday, Aug 18th, Rosie O’Donnell took to Twitter to announce that her daughter Chelsea was missing.  Fans responded by sending kind words and wishes for good luck. Chelsea O’Donnell is very close to turning 18 and, according to Rosie, stopped taking her mental illness medications.

Chelsea was found by the Office County Police Department later that day.  But, the presumed happy ending had an unexpected twist.  The thing is that Chelsea was found in New Jersey in the company of 25-year-old Steve Sheerer. According to sources, Chelsea met Sheerer on Tinder.  Sheerer is a convicted criminal charged with possession of heroin.

According to the OCPD’s spokesperson, they triangulated Chelsea’s location at Sheerer´s house using the signal coming from her cellphone. Sheerer denied that the 17-year-old was there. A police officer reported that Chelsea was found in his attic and “cooperated very well.”  Police told PEOPLE magazine that Chelsea expressed that she’d rather stay at Sheerer’s house. However, they took the minor to the police station.

The teenager was found unharmed and with no evidence of sexual activity.  There are no charges against Sheerer at this time.

The next day, Rosie began tweeting about Steve Sheerer being a convict.  She wrote: “Sheerer charged third-degree possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, third-degree possession of heroin.” According to sources, Rosie was “very concerned about the guy she was found with…”

Sheerer served 53 days in jail in 2013 after pleading guilty of endangering the wellbeing of two children aged one and three years old.  He was also processed for possession of heroin.  Rosie O’Donnell went on to tweet about how “no mom is perfect-we all do our best”.