Three celebrity kids all grown up

Everyone has a strange fascination for celebrity kids. We already know their great parents and every success and failure they have had in their career; it’s only normal to what to know what their children are like. Usually, we see some sweet, fashionable kids who seem to have it all; the money, the fame and the great parents. These are three celebrity kids all grown up:

  • Hailie Jade Scott Mathers-(Eminem). The daughter of Eminem is a very important part of the artist’s life, and very often he refers to her in her songs. Years ago, she was the center of attention when Eminem had an ugly dispute with her mother for custody. Even if he adores his daughter, he has kept her away from the public’s eye. How is she now? Well, she is a gorgeous, down-to-earth woman who just started college.
  • Bindi Irwin-(Steve Irwin)-. The daughter of “the crocodile hunter” is not only beautiful and smart, but also passionate about animals and nature just like her father. Since she was little she appeared in various TV shows, so now it’s only normal for her to create her own. She also has a fitness DVD and she is involved in various organizations that protect animal rights.
  • Lilly-Rose Depp- (Johnny Depp). The beautiful daughter of Johnny Depp is ready to start her career in acting following the steps of her father. She is a strong, beautiful, independent woman and she is not afraid to take on new challenges, like the “Yoga Hosers” movie that she will act in. She is quite popular on social media not only because of her beauty, but also her strong opinions. With all this, the media has nothing but positive things to say about her.