Willow and Jaden Smith

Most celebrity kids are the copies of their parents. They try to do the same things like their parents. 

This is not a case with Willow and Jaden, and even though they are still very young, they are already expressing their personalities and uniqueness.

 These two seem so mature and it’s like they don’t belong to this generation of kids. Jaden said that he likes to read about quantum physics, while his sister loves ancient texts. While you can hear other kids talking about fashion, makeup, sports and celebrities, Willow and Jaden are talking about how time is relative. Pretty unusual we must say.

Willow even said that she can make it go slow or fast, do with it whatever she wants and that’s how she knows that it doesn’t exist, while Jaden said that there is a “ theoretical physicist inside all of our minds. “

Willow added that she is gotten better when it comes to not caring about anyone’s opinion, and that she also doesn’t care about what her mind thinks, because if she thought about what her mind thinks, she would be very sad.

Jaden agreed saying that it’s not just one thought and that when we think about one thing, our mind will starting thinking about another one, and that our mind has a duality to it.
These kids are definitely very smart and are full of different, intellectual thoughts which are pretty rare for someone that age. We just hope they will continue in this way.