Who is friends with who ?

Adult celebrities can get along, if there is not rivalry or jealousy. But if we are talking about their children it's pure friendship and love. So here are few examples of some friendships :

1. Hilary Duff has been friends with Jack Osbourne's wife for years, so no wonder their kids are getting along. Hilary's son, Luca is almost 3 years old and Jack's daughter Pearl is also almost 3. They have grown up together, and we hope it will be like that in the future.

2. Now we have Jennifer Garner and Brooke Burke kids. These two ladies are spending a lot of times together and their kids are going to the same school. They are pretty close, so Brooke recently said that she would trust Jennifer to watch over her kids. Well we would too, after all Jennifer is a mother of three children.

3. Here's another great example. Neil Patrick Harris is friends with Elton John. They have been on the family vacations for many years together, since 2010. Harris has twins, Harper and Gideon, while Elton has two boys Elijah and Zachary.

4. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore have also been friends for years. Fallon said that their babies like to play with each other, adding that they are pals. Fallon's wife has been friends with Drew for many years and, they even have a production company Flower Films.

These are few examples of kids friendships. We hope they remain friends even when they grow up.