10 Include Olympic Stars Killed in a Helicopter Crash

While participating in a TV reality show called Dropped, 10 people including French sports stars killed in a helicopter crash in Argentina, local authority confirms.

The Olympic swimming gold winner Camille Muffat, champion sailor called Florence Arthaud and Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine are among those people who were killed during the filming of a reality TV show.

The incident took place when two helicopters collided into each other in rocky La Rioja state of northwestern of Argentina on 9th of March 2015.

“Apparently, the two air-copters crash into each other while shooting for a TV reality show called Dropped, and there is no survivors,” Horacio Alarcon, the provincial spokesman told the media. He further added that the weather condition was good and thus cause of this horrible crash is still unknown.

Francois Hollande, the French President’s office later confirmed prominent sport stars were also among the victims. Reports say that two Argentinian pilots were also killed in this horrible incident in mid air.

Muffat, 25 year old sport star, won 3 medals from the London Olympics 2012. Vastine, a 28 year sport star also won bronze in sport light welterweight category in Beijing games in 2008. Moreover, 57 year old Arthaud was regarded among the best sailors on the earth planet, having accomplished as much as most males in a heavily men-dominated sport.

The incident took place while filming for the popular reality show called Dropped. However, there is no official confirmation available regarding the accident, but it is said that technical issue could be responsible for this horrible accident.