Charlie Sheens, Denise Richards And Brooke Mueller

There is a high voltage melodrama in the air as Charlie Sheens, 49, has come out in the open with his criticism of Denise Richards, 44, in the form of tweets. The tweets have found themselves in the Recycle Bin, but the same cannot be said of the 'open letter' he has penned to the media. He has hit out at Richards with comments like 'worst mom alive' and 'evil terrorist'.

The occasion was Father' Day when he contested with another of his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, 37. He moved on after securing a divorce from Richards in 2005, married Brooke in 2008, but the relationship lasted just two years. They broke up in 2010, after giving Sheens twin boys.

While claiming to have affections for Brooke, Charlie rebuked Denise with a metaphor of a piglet. Charlie's relations with his two ex-wives has been known to be tumultuous.

There has been a controversy that has been dragging along for a long time between Sheen and Richards for a long time. A similar conflict was to be seen over Twitter on Christmas. There have been allegations and counter-allegations over petty issues.

Richards has taken good care of Charlie’s offsprings. She even opted for the custody of the twins owing allegiance to Brooke since the latter found herself involved in a case  of drug-abuse.

Richards and Sheen met while shooting for a comedy show in 2000. Dating was initiated in 2001, and they tied the knot in 2002. Their relationship went through rough times till they sought divorce in 20005.