Garth Brooks Returns to the Road With Record Setting World Tour.

Country music star Garth Brooks has returned to the road with his record-setting world tour and tells he’s excited to be reunited with his loyal fans from over the years.

The singer is pleasantly surprised to see a whole new generation of “Garth” fans out there who know all the words.

“Ticketmaster has all their information there, and they say it's somewhere between 43-48% of the people buying tickets were either 10 years old or younger last time we were on tour. So it's pretty neat to see their faces.” Brooks said.

Brooks just released his first album in 13 years “Man Against Machine,” and told us the collection stays true to his signature style.

"Well I think you want to be your signature self,” Garth says about his new album “That’s what this album does. There are some things that are straight Garth that you depend on being there and then there’s going to be some rides you’re going to take, if you’re a Garth fan you've never been here before and that's what I like about it.”

Latest from the singing sensation is his becoming active in social media. His Facebook page received over 1 million likes in less than 24 hours.

"No I am not a pro… I'm telling you, guys with selfies? I'm not sure about that you know? But it is fun. What I like about it is it takes away all the walls between you and the people that allow you to be an artist. I like that and it puts you one-on-one communication with them, a lot of times before the show, a lot of times after the show. It's pretty neat to see and it gets really emotional especially right before or right after. That’s the fun time."

So from his new digital presence to his new album and tour, it’s safe to say he won’t be using the word “retirement” again anytime soon.