Hilary Duff Finds Life Too Busy With Kids And Animals To Find Time For Love

Life is too full of commitments to spare the time to have a boyfriend for actress-singer Hilary Duff. The actress found herself as a part of the glamorous world when she made an entry into the tinsel world at an early age and graduated to being a teen idol. She was in the lead role when the television series Lizzie McGuire found itself on air.

 She tied the knot with Mike Comrie in August 2010. Comrie is  a professional hockey player. The couple was blessed with a son in March 2012. They parted ways about a year ago.

Duff, who is now 27 years old, finds life quite exciting as she manages to find time for many things like her three-year-old son. She has also  involved herself in launching a music album, while she chalks out the details of a tour and even shooting for a TV series. With so many things already on her mind, the lady finds it impossible to spare time for romance.

Duff doesn't regret anything that went wrong with her, like her marriage. She doesn't have enough time, she insists. Things like dating and being in a relationship require a lot of time and devotion, which Duff can't spare.

Philanthropy has also found itself in the teen idol of yesteryears. She donated a huge sum of $250,000 for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. She distributed meals among children in an elementary school in New Orleans. She also claims some affinity with animals and works for animal rights.