Jennifer Lawrence Confirms ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Is Her Last

“X-Men” movie fans know very well that the way “X-Men Days of Future Past” ended did not actually leave room for many of the movies stars, from Xavier, Magneto, Beast, and Mystique. Plus the new characters which are being introduced in the movie, we might just see a whole different class of villains and heroes the next time the movie premiers. Even so there are younger versions of Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Grey joining the film which begs the question what’s next for the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence.

“X-Men Apocalypse”, which is set to hit theaters on 27th May 2016, is set to begin filming in a few months and it will see the mutants once again going back in time and battling Oscar’s villain.

Meanwhile, the talented Jlaw is busy filming another film known as “Joy”. Joy also features Bradley Cooper. In addition to that, Jennifer Lawrence has already been confirmed for another project dubbed, “It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War”. Jlaw also has Hunger Game’s final installment “Mocking Jay Part 2” to keep her busy.

Given all those aspects, many were questioning on whether or not she will be continuing with her Mystique character on “X-Men”.

When asked about her recurring role as Mystique during a recent interview Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the upcoming X-Men movie is her last.

“It is my last one, actually,” she said.

Jlaw, who is current filming another movie with Bradley Cooper did not give any more details as to why this would be her last movie.