Most successful celebrity chefs

Let’s have a look at most popular celebrity chefs of all times

Bobby Flay

Bobby runs a show in which he call people dedicate their time as well as abilities for making 1 single dish but at its best. Once they are done he steps in & say” You think you are doing it the best, I’m sure I can do a much better job”

Anthony Bourdain

He has written a book titled “Kitchen Confidential” which gave him a lot of popularity even giving him a behind the scenes look at the life in kitchens of the restaurants along with some personalized anecdotes as well as stories. His television programs on Travel Channel “No reservations” features him travelling around the world in order to get drinks & weird food.

Guy Fieri

He looks like a Douche bag, but he is quite a talented chef. Americans want frosted-tips, backward sunglasses & TGIF. He is a television celebrity, but his brand has earned him much more money.

Daniel Boulud

The list of accomplishments, as well as awards of this gentleman, is quite long. His annual income is approximately four million dollars & he owns a Management company which has 6 restaurants under its name.

Paula Deen

She is the world’s most hated chef. She would probably pay money to people for saying good things about her (and also get money for saying good things about the medication of diabetes). Her annual income is approximately five million dollars which come from sales of cookery books, appearance fee, etc.