Scott Cancels Appearance After Split With Kourtney Kardashian

Ever since photos of Scott Disick and stylist Chloe Bartoli were released, Scott has not shown any particular concern regarding the impact that the photos would have and even after Kourtney Kardashian decided to end things with him, Scott, 32, is still yet to show any concern. That particular reason has led to many stating that the breakup did not affect him that much as many were thinking it will. But as it turns out, Scott seems to have been putting a brave face in front of the cameras while slowly being tormented inside. 

According to various sources Scott is not at a good point right now, in fact, he spends most of his day in Vegas drinking. There are many things that Scott is mad about, for instance, the fact that no one from the Kardashian clan has come forward so as to support him. That said, Scott’s behavior is worrying his friends who have planned on intervention the next time that they meet up with him. 

The drinking is also affecting what Scott does best and that is making appearance in clubs and turning up the party. According to reports, Scott canceled an appearance to 1 OAK. This particular club is in Las Vegas and the fact that he was not able to make an appearance despite the fact that he is in Vegas raised more questions than answers. 

As at now know one knows exactly what is going on with Scott, all we know is that he has gone back to his old days and he is drinking all day.