Shailene Woodley, looking for the soul in people

The well known star from Insurgent thinks really strongly about the overly discussed topics; life and love. She has recently confessed to Elle magazine that she is the type of person that loves everything around her. Woodley, 23, told that magazine that she is always looking for that beauty spark in people and everything that surrounds her.

"I fall in love with people based on who they are. I never want to fall in love like this," said the artist, specifically holding her arms out "as if to envelop you," as relied by the magazine."I always want to love like this," she extra said, holding her arms "behind her back and pressing her chest forward."

Treating with only a shy smile the question of her being in love, the actress declares that she is very proud of her family; some very strong and sincere people. Since she was little, Shailene’s grandmother taught her how important it is to love yourself. Listening to her, Woodley considers that taking care of yourself is the key ingredient to one truly happy life. She has always looked up to her grandmother who, at 69 years old, is “the most banging” she knows.

The Elle magazine, on news stalls March 24, is presenting the young actress, whose films premiere is set to be on March the 20th, as a big hearted, smart woman who is permanently seeking kindness and out-of-the-box thinking for the people around her.