Treat Women as Equal to Men: Shabana Azmi

“Do not treat women like Goddesses instead treat them as equal to men,” says Shabana Azmi, the prominent actress and social activist.
On the popular occasion of international Women’s Day, Shabana Azmi said that men should not treat women like holy goddesses but they should treat them as equals.

The veteran actress is known for her acting and distinct views on women issues. In her tweet, she simply explained the need of change in human perception especially keeping the Indian society in view, which is a men dominating society.

“We are happy to celebrate those daring women who encouraged women to fight for their freedom,” says Shabana in her tweet. She is one of a few actresses who got great success in both commercial as well as parallel cinema. Some of her most popular movies of Shabana Azmi are Mandi, Swami, Junoon, Masoom, Arth, and Shatranj ke Khiladi.

“In order to make this world better than ever before, women too need to work on their perception and transformation,” says Shabana. She says that empowering women doesn’t mean that women should dominate males. The main fight is to grab freedom. “Men have great freedom to enjoy their life, to take important decision, but women still have no right even to think about their life partner, she added.

The veteran actress along with Namrata Goyal operates an NGO called Mijwan Welfare Society. “The main motto behind establishing this NGO is to empower rural India with a vision of women and girl child development”, said spokesperson at the NGO.