Will the Olson Twins Take Part in Full House Revival?

Famous baby twins from the Full House show which swept everybody of their feet in the eighties have finally spoken up about the possibility of the show's revival. Mary-Kate Olsen said that she was very surprised when she heard the news. She added that she and her sister Ashley still have not heard from their onscreen uncle John Stamos who announced the revival to discuss the possibility of collaboration. Ashley said that she did not talk about the revival with Bob Saget whom she ran into the other day.

The twins have not shown themselves in public much since the end of the show, but the media has been known to report about their many activities and business ventures. It is rumored that they stayed in good relations with the Full House cast. “I guess we’re going to talk to the creators and see what’s happening,” said Mary-Kate. Ashley sounded determined when she said she was going to give a call to Saget and find out what he thinks about the idea.

Basically, the twins did not deny their interest in participating in the revival. But they are determined to get their show dad to share his opinion on the matter before they embark on the adventure. It would be interesting to see what the revival would like after so many years have passed and the Olsen twins are all grown up. It is going to be difficult to write a script for the show because many events took place in the cast’s lives which are going to have to be crammed into a limited amount of time so that viewers can get a clear perspective of the Full House timeline.