“Dancing With The Stars” – Week Before Elimination

Rumer Willis has made a prideful case that she deserves the #1 prize because she received perfect scores on ‘America’s Choice’ and on ‘Trios,’ which took place on week eight. She received an eighty-out-of-eighty.

This is amazing considering that the fans give input regarding the music, costumes, and the all around routine. Rumer Willis had two great partners: Val Chmerkovskiy who helped her make her rumba a night to remember, and Artem Chigvintsev who helped her win the judge’s over regarding her classic artistry.

Rumer Willis stated that getting these perfect scores made her feel amazing. She wanted to make a strong comeback, and she believes she did just that, not only with her scores but with her dancing, too. She believes she performed her best ever in the two Monday night episodes. She plans to continue her dancing lifestyle. Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy did not expect to do this great on these shows. This is because their practices were filled with mistakes, tears, and whiplash.

Val Chmerkovskiy believes that all of his stress comes from him being insecure. He also believes that every time he is on the dance floor he is jeopardizing the season for Rumer Willis. All spectators believe this is one of the best dance couples to ever enter the show. Audiences all over the world cannot wait to see them get on the dance floor again.

They are expecting to see new moves and new music that will transcend their previous performances, and Willis and Chmerkovskiy are expected to do just that.