Newly married Joanna Krupa freezes eggs.

Freezing your eggs in order to preserve your fertility has become commonplace among women. In following this celebrities are no exception.

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa, 35, is among them. The model is newly married and says she is still not quite ready to have children, is beginning the process.

"One of my best friends had a tough time getting pregnant, and her situation had me really thinking about freezing my eggs," Krupa explained while getting a checkup at The Fertility Institutes in Encino, California.

"I don't want to regret two, three years down the line, when I'm trying to have kids, in case for some reason I'm infertile. I would never forgive myself."

Krupa says that her husband, Romain Zago, is totally supporting her in the process. The couple married last June.

"He was all for it. We're not ready to have kids at this moment, and I think it's just safe to have a little security blanket," she explains.

While Krupa has had no trouble injecting herself with the hormones "I'm not afraid of needles," she says but there is one part of the process that's troubling to her, especially as a working model.

"I'm nervous about the water retention because I know it can be two, five, even 11 lbs. of water retention," she admits. "I had to put my work aside, because obviously for the next two weeks I'm not planning on doing anything."

Krupa says she has no apprehensions about the actual egg retrieval process.