Patrick Dempsey Clears Speculations About Him leaving “Grey’s”

Lots of different speculations have been circulating among the fans of Grey’s Anatomy since Patrick Dempsey’s character was killed off earlier this month from the show. Dempsey played the character of Derek Shepherd is one of the most popular shows on the ABC Network since its first season. His character earned the nickname McDreamy in the show because of his good looks.

While many fans are outraged at Shonda Rhimes, the creator of this show, for killing Derek Shepherd, Dempsey has made it crystal clear that all the rumors of bad blood between the two are false. According to him, their relationship came to an end on a good and professional note without any type of hard feelings whatsoever present between them.

The 49 year old actor, who also recently got separated from his wife, says that he does not like to watch himself onscreen. He has not watched any of his Grey’s Anatomy episode for a year now, which includes the last one in which Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, pulls the plug on him.

While Dempsey has made it quite clear that there was no personal enmity present between and Shonda Rhimes, he refuses to talk about his ex-wife at all. Dempsey claims that he had an awesome chemistry with Ellen Pompeo and really enjoyed a lot working with her.

Although, majority of the fans are upset upon Dempsey leaving the series, it is estimated that the ABC Network will be saving at least $10 million as Patrick Dempsey used to earn $400,000 for every episode.