Road to Stardom is Not Paved with Gold – This is What Star Were Doing to Get By

It is no secret that the road to stardom is not paved with gold and that most actors had to do crappy jobs to make ends meet. Thousands of aspiring actors never make it and still hold dead-end jobs they hate. Some people, however, succeed and live to tell the story of how they started out. It is interesting to know that while some of them never attended universities and started out really young, many of them were college drop outs with a lot of talent and a bit of luck.

For instance, Cate Blanchett was attending economics and fine arts studies at the University of Melbourne before she decided to take a year of. And we are all glad she did. She took the time to travel around Europe where she discovered her passion for acting by playing an extra. She decided to quit economics and fine arts and enrolled into the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Brad Pitt was also a drop-out – he quit in his final year of pursuing a journalism degree and moved from Missouri to Hollywood to work on his acting career. Many do not know, however, that he delivered refrigerators and wore a chicken suit to promote a restaurant for a living.

His fellow journalist student, George Clooney, who studied at the Northern Kentucky University, financed his studies by performing construction jobs, selling women’s shoes and stocking supermarket shelves.

All in all, the road to stardom is not a walk in the park for the non-privileged ones. It would be nice if these stars remembered where they came from once in a while. Maybe their arrogance would be less visible then. 

Photo Attribution: Eva Rinaldi