17th Annual Coachella 2016 Festival

The 17th annual Coachella 2016 Festival was held on the 18th of April. The venue of the festival was the Empire Polo Club located in California. In the festival, the memories of 1980s were highlighted by performances of Ice Cube Rapper and the rock group Guns and Roses. David Bowie was honoured by the number of celebrities for his services for his philanthropic performances.

As the festival was all about the music, there were many other bands that performed for the crowds. This festival was a mega festival that lasted for three days. It sponsored 180 different acts. More than 100,000 people enjoyed the festival at an entry price of $400.

The Coachella Music Festival honoured a number of musicians, however, due to visa problems, many musicians missed their chance to perform. There was a separate section for the youth and for the children. All the social media sites are full of the news and the pictures of the festival. Attendees were not only excited before the festival, but after as well and had many things to share with their friends.