A Summary of Marilyn Monroe’s Life

Norma Jeane Mortenson who has been famously known as Marilyn Monroe was a model, actor and singer from the United States. She was born in 1926.Her beauty and elegance had made her sex symbol in the decade of 1950 and early sixties. She had been the star attraction of various films that were a major success commercially. She had led a troubled childhood because her mother was mentally unstable. She had spent quite a major time of her childhood from one foster home to another.
Monroe got married to her first husband, James Dougherty in 1942. He served in the Merchant Marine during the Second World War, when she worked in Radioplane Munitions Factory. She was first spotted by Ronald Reagan when he took several snaps of her. Those photos were published in a magazine named Yank. She then signed up with a modeling agency and bleached her brown hair to a lighter hue. She had successfully appeared in quite a number of modeling campaign when she was discovered by Ben Lyon, an executive from 20th Century Fox.Monroe was then signed for films under the 20th Century Fox banner once she was spotted by Lyon. Initially she had performed in negligible roles. Her breakthrough came with the movie The Asphalt Jungle. She had done memorable performances in The Seven Year Itch, Some Like it Hot and many more. However, her life was marred by her mental illness and substance abuse. She left this world at a tender age of 36 because of barbiturate overdose.