Andy Samberg to Host the Emmys on Fox in September

The perfect comedian to host the Emmy this autumn, in September, has been found! The person who managed to fulfill the Fox requirements goes by the name Andy Samberg.

This year, it’s Fox’s turn to air the Emmys in Sept 20, having the Former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg, who’s now in the skin of Det. Jake Peralta every Sunday night in the comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, exclusively on Fox. It’s been announced that the show will air live coast-to-coast 8-11 p.m. ET/5-8 p.m. PT. TV Academy CEO Bruce Rosenblum brought in the spotlight the qualities which make Samberg, an Emmy Award winner himself, the best presenter of the future event. Among them are his charisma, insights, and the most important, humor.

Showing confidence and determination Samberg, who’s just 36 year old, already approached the audience in his declaration "Buckle your seat belts, Emmy viewers! Like, in general you should buckle your seat belts in your car. In fact, even if you're not an Emmy viewer, you should buckle your seat belt. It can be dangerous on the road. Also, if you're not an Emmy viewer, you should strongly consider becoming one this year, because I'm hosting, and it's gonna be a wild ride. So buckle your seat belts."

Even though, the nominations for the Emmys will be announced July 16, it’s great to know that Fox is preparing to offer the world an unforgettable show, by picking and assembling the best front and back stage team.