Angelina Jolie—born to be a great actress

Angelina Jolie, an American actress and director was born on 14 June 1975 in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 11 she started her acting training from Lee Strasberg theatre Institute. She graduated from the school Lenny Kravitz at the age of 16. Being a daughter of famous Oscar winning actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand, it was an easy way for her to get into fame light. From her teenage she started modelling and did some musical videos. She made her debut with the film Hackers (1995).

Her best known movies for the remarkable role played include The Bone Collector (1999), Girl Interrupted (1999), Pushing Tin (1999), Lara Croft: Bomb Raider (2001) etc. With her flawless beauty and acting grace she won the Oscars in 1999 for the movie Girl Interrupted.

She married to Jonny Lee Miller her co-star in the movie Hacker in 1995 and got divorced in 2000. She also gets a lot of press attention due to her personal life. In her first marriage with Miller she wore a T-Shirt displaying her husband’s name Miller with her own blood. After getting a divorced from Miller she married to Billy Bob Thronton her Pushing Tin Co-Star, who was twenty year older to her where they both wore viol of others blood around their neck but they divorced in 2002.

On 27 August 2001 she was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations High commissioner for Refugees in Geneva Switzerland. She was voted as a third female Sexiest Star.
In a film location in Cambodia she came across the poverty of the country, after which she moved towards charity and started donating one third part of her earnings. It was known that she makes three part of her earnings in which she makes savings of her one third earnings, one third is kept for her own expenses and one third is donated.

She has six kids three biological and three adopted-one of them is a Maddox Cambodian refugee and Zahara Ethiopian refugee girl.
Now Angelina is married to Brad Pitt (tied knot on 23rd August 2014).