Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Maggie Arriving on June 30th

Renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger now is back again and certainly better than ever before in the post-apocalyptic drama called Maggie, simply arriving on June 30th on DVD HD, DVD (Plus Digital) and Blu-ray on July 7th from famous Lionsgate Home entertainment.

The movie is presently available through On Demand. The film is also starring Joely Richardson (famous for the girl with the dragon tattoo) and Abigail Breslin, who was nominated for Academy Award for the best supporting actress. The movie follows the usual outbreak of a horrible zombie virus that simply sweeps the country. The story begins when Maggie (Breslin), daughter of Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has been badly infected by the virus. The story starts with escaping from official who want to kill Maggie. Arnold tries everything to save his daughter. This typical movie has the only attraction i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie is said as a comeback for renowned star. Maggie movie comes featuring additional materials such as a making of video and official audio commentary with the movie director, crew interviews and of course a deleted movie scene. The film is said to be a warm touch for the fans of Arnold. The movie simply displays the rough and tough character of this renowned Hollywood star. However, Arnold looks quite simple but the best part of his acting is that he has done great job in the role of a father who wants to save his daughter. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Maggie is coming on June 30 this year. You can easily grab one copy to enjoy it on your home theater.