Demi Lovato is cool for summer!

Just a few hours passed when Demi Lovato launched her new single “Cool for Summer”. The 22 year old Demi celebrated the song’s fame as it became a hit in many countries on the day of its launch. Demi’s new single “cool for summer” is out and already a number one on iTunes. 

On Wednesday, she celebrated the success of her song at a pool party organized by radio station Z100 at New York City’s Gansevoort Park Avenue. Demi appeared for the party wearing a very risky bikini top that apparently revealed most of her chest due to the cut-out nature of the bikini. 

Despite wearing such a risqué outfit with short shorts and thigh high mesh layout black stiletto, Demi looked hottest. We guess, her outfit was all focussed on telling how cool Demi is for summer. The outfit was perfectly in sync with the song and absolutely idle to celebrate the success.