Fans Keeping The King Alive, Celebrate 80th Birthday

Even at age 80, Elvis Presley probably would still be selling out venues around the world. As his fans take January 8th to celebrate the King's big 8-0, many are pausing to reflect on the impact Elvis made during his time in their lives.

Back in 1935, Elvis was born in Tulepo, Mississippi. The youngster grew up to spark a brand-new revolution in music and pop-culture, recording best-selling albums and starting strange trends, such as donning white from head-to-toe in skintight jumpsuits. Whatever their ages, fans all across the world are taking the 80th anniversary of his birth to celebrate the rock-n-roll spirit of Elvis.

Some are taking a culinary approach, serving up an Elvis favorite: peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Others are choosing to visit Elvis' home, Graceland, which is hosting an expansive auction of items connected with the late singer's career and life. Some memorabilia on sale includes records, contracts, and everyday objects the King used in his Graceland home. The most expensive items is Elvis' first recording from 1953, which is expected to fetch $100,000.

Other fans are taking Elvis' 80th birthday celebration to replenish their music and movie collections. Record companies are offering special edition and anniversary collections of Elvis' music, while the artist's thirty-three films should see a surge in sales.

Elvis' popularity transcended class, age, race, and gender back in his hey-day as well as know. Even the youth of today have some idea of Elvis' contribution to the music scene, and older fans can probably still recall how they idolized the singer, so take a minute to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the King.