Nina Dobrev’s Co Star Discusses her Exit from Vampire Diaries

Fans of the popular television series Vampire Diaries are still upset that the lead actress of the show, Nina Dobrev, will be leading after season 6. However, fans are not the only ones who will miss Dobrev.

Michael Malarkey, one of Dobrev’s costars told Us Weekly that the entire cast of the show, including those not making an appearance in the episode, came to support Dobrev at the final table read.

Malarkey, 31, stated that the exit of Dobrev was a bittersweet occasion for everyone included in the show, although they support her decision. “She made the decision ages ago,” he said to Us magazine.

He also said that Dobrev got emotional a few times during the table reading. Malarkey plays the character Enzo on The Vampire Diaries, a very popular vampire teen drama show.

The character that he plays is a friend of Elena’s boyfriend, Damon Salvatore, who is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder.

Damon will be heartbroken when Elena, who is no longer human, leaves for good. Malarkey said also that he had no idea how the character Elena Gilbert’s story line would end. He worried that the actress might change her mind halfway through the season.

He says that the showrunners found a very clever way of incorporating Dobrev’s leave into the show, and that the ending of season 6 will feature a very good cliffhanger that will bring fans back for the next season of the show.

He hopes that fans will be able to look past the fact that the leading female character of the show is gone and be more interested about what this means for the story lines that will come up in the remainder of the show.