Prince Harry Can't Wait to Have Children

During his tour in New Zealand, Prince Harry said that there certainly comes a time when one has to settle down. There are also times when it is good to be free, and whatever comes his way he is willing to accept it. He did, however, admit that he can't wait to have children. Harry is realistic though, and stresses that there is process leading to a child being born. 

Harry said his brother recently sent him two photos of Princess Charlotte, and he said she was beautiful. One was “before anybody else, and then another, with George back I said, I'm so looking forward to seeing her, to meeting her and to holding her.” 

Due to course of events Harry did not have the chance of meeting his niece when she was born. "She was a little bit late, hence I missed her. So she'll have to work on that! But apart from that, it's fantastic news for both of them, so I'm thrilled."

When it comes to have somebody on his side, Prince Harry said that he cannot wait until he meets somebody like his brother Prince william did. "Hopefully I'm doing all right by myself. It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure. But, you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens."