Women who look better in their 40s than in their 20s

When you are a celebrity, especially a woman, you have to put up with some horrifying conditions in order to stay popular and wanted.
When women turn forty it seems like their career is over, because some of them do not look as good as they used to look, and unfortunately looks is very important in Hollywood.
Still there are some ladies who are in their 40s and who look better than ever.

Here is the list:
Salma Hayek is definitely one of them. She is nearly fifty and she still looks young, attractive and sexy.
It seems like age doesn't mean anything to this gorgeous lady, because she simply doesn't age
Then we have Gwen Stefani who looks like she is in her early 30s. Although we can often see her as wild and rebellious woman, Gwen can look stunning when she is wearing something elegant and feminine.
Her style is one of the most popular ones and women and girls all around the world simply love to copy it. She is now 45 which is so hard to believe.
Who could ever forget Jennifer Aniston? When you think about friends, you think about sweet, girl next door Jennifer Aniston, but when you see her now, you would think: Wow this woman looks so attractive and sexy.

What happened to her? It is obvious that this woman looks better with age, and definitely looks amazing and gorgeous for any age, especially hers.