Channing Tatum about love, movies and fatherhood

One of the hottest male celebrities Channing Tatum may seem like a typical heartthrob, but he is actually more than that.
In his latest interview he decided to talk about his new movie Magic Mike XXL and other, more sensitive topics, such as love and fatherhood, claiming that he is actually romantic at heart.
He showed us that he is more than just a pretty face, by acting in different movies and showed his wide range as an actor.
He did action movies, comedies, romantic ones, so we are pretty sure that he will leave a trace in Hollywood.

Channing also earned respect and critical acclaim for his role in a movie Foxcatcher which is a lot different than the Magic Mike XXL.
He said that it was really hard playing in that movie, because the story is very dramatic and that film physically and emotionally drained him.
Although he enjoyed playing in it, he said that it is hard to even talk about it, because everything about it was exhausting and intense.
When it comes to Magic Mike, he said that no one expected that kind of attention, which makes him really happy to see that people really loved it.
He also said that this movie was really personal, because big part of that story is drawn from his own, personal experiences.

Then he moved on to another subject and talked about his wife and daughter saying that these ladies are the light of his life, and that he wants to do anything in order to give them the best possible life.
Still he said that it is sometimes very hard to do both movies and being a good husband/dad but he knows that family always comes first.