Conan O’Brien’s response to Conan writer Andrés du Bouchet’s Twitter rant

Conan O’Brien went to Twitter to aim a response at one of his staff writer’s and his public crusade against late night comedy.

Andrés du Bouchet is a writer for O’Brien.  He has been employed with the show since 2008.
He has worked with Conan since Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Bouchet, talked about the apparently downward spiral of late night television.

du Bouchet said that there was a sever need for a renovation in late night.

He went on to diss Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

He made a public apology later on Twitter, and praised the Stephen Colbert’s upcoming tenure as host of Late Show in September.

He then deleted all his previous comments and moved on.

Conan O’Brien publicly scolded Bouchet, and told him that he should focus on writing.