Fans Bolt From Wango Tango Performance

Well it did not go as expected for Kanye West during his performance at Wango Tango.
As much as Kanye West, 37, gave out a brilliant electrifying Wango Tango performance there were some fans who were not feeling him that much and as a result hundreds of them left before Kim Kardashian’s hubby could finish off his performance begging the question why?
According to Hollywood Life, the reason as to why many fans left before he could finish his performance was because Kanye was using the N-word.
Before he began, Kanye, who performed a number of his big hits including “All Day”, warned the crowd that, “The next song, I’m not really supposed to do it on radio this way, but if y’all don’t mind, I’m going to use the N-word a couple of times. Is that OK?”
Some of the revelers who had attended the event cheered but some did not take his actions kindly. Kanye’s song, “All Day”, includes the N-word and the rapper made it clear that he was not about to change it for the event.
According to an eyewitness who had attended the event, many people rushed from the event as a result of Kayne’s use of the N-word.
“Families who had kids ranging from 5 to 10 years old rushed out of the stadium,” the eyewitness revealed to Hollywood Life. “The stadium holds 27,000 people and hordes of them left. He did not edit himself at all, and parents were visibly pissed.”