Ian Somerhalder Hopes Nina Dobrev Will Find Her ‘Love Of A Lifetime’

It goes without saying that 36-year old Ian Somerhalder is completely head over heels for 26-year old Nikki Reed after the two secretly tied the knot on 26th April. However, Vampire Diaries Star Nina Dobrev still has a very special place in the actor’s heart and he genuinely wants the best for the 26-year old actress especially relationship wise stating that I want her to “do amazingly well in her life and her relationships,” this is according to HollywoodLife.com. 

“Ian hopes that Nina finds the love of a lifetime because he has found his. He looks forward to seeing her do amazingly well in her life and her relationships. He knows he will forever be linked to Nina, but his life is now Nikki and his focus is always on her. He is not going to live in the past and he hopes that Nina doesn’t herself.”

Despite the fact that the two separated it is still evident that they are in good terms and that they still have lots of love for each other. This is not something strange given that the two dated for 3 years.

“What they had was great but people break up, move on and learn from past experiences. He found Nikki and is the happiest he has ever been and is happy to move to this new chapter in his life,” HollywoodLife.com added.

“Let people talk about him and Nina but he isn’t going to stress on it. It’s over in his eyes.”