The Shocking Reason As To Why Zyan Malik Left One Direction

A report by Hollywood Life states that Zyan Malik was forced to leave popular boy band One Direction due to the pressure that is associated with fame.

According to the celebrity gossip site, Malik had to quit one direction due to the attention that his life was receiving. His decision to leave arguably one of the most successful boy band in the world right now comes amid rumors that he had cheated on his girlfriend.
A source close to the singer told Hollywood Life that, “He was losing a grasp on who he was and what he really wanted. Zayn felt like he had to quit 1D or he would die! He just couldn’t handle everything that came from the insanity of fame and being a huge celebrity.”

The decision to quit One Direction according to insiders might also be traced to the rumors that he is using drugs. Some state that he realized he had to do something so as to stay away from temptation (girls and drugs) and as a result he had to quit.

“Before being in One Direction he was just a goofy kid who never really fit in. He didn’t have a ton of friends and was awkward in social situations. Suddenly he was thrust into the limelight of being on world tours. He had girls being thrown at him, drinks being handed to him and he was supposed to be the coolest kid in the club.

“All the temptations were just too much for him. He was losing a grasp on who he was and what he really wanted, while not making the best decisions.”