“Airport Delay Due To Taylor Swift Mania”

Sources say that the presence of Taylor Swift caused a few flights to be delayed. This occurred after Taylor landed in Narita International Airport, in Japan. She was there for her world tour, but she did not expect thousands and thousands of people to greet her. 

Apparently, the airport did not expect this, either. They had to tell two plans to take detours before landing into the airport. Planes on the ground were not able to leave, either.  This caused people everywhere to be still for hours. Some people fell asleep, others played games, but majority went after Taylor Swift. These people do not know when they will get another chance like this. 

Taylor Swift tried to sign as many autographs as possible, but she was quickly moving forward with the help of her security. The fans in Japan love Taylor Swift for her amazing music, but they also love her because of her good heart. The fans in Japan know that Taylor Swift recently spoke with a dying girl for twenty minutes because this was the girl’s last wish. The young girl’s family still cannot believe that Taylor did this for their baby girl. They also wish no parent would ever have to go through this type of situation. 

The people of Chiba, Japan will continue to wait for Taylor Swift to come back to town and perform her great music and pour her big heart out to her fans. Taylor loves her fans as much as her fans love her. With that being said, likewise, Taylor cannot wait to go back to Japan, either. She loves performing in that region.