Google Exec Dies in Car Accident in Cannes

A Google executive lost his life during the Cannes Lions advertising festival in France. Google promptly emailed a statement to all major media outlets that the company has lost a loved and respected member of their team. "We are deeply saddened and our thoughts are with his family and friends."

The internet giant refused to give any details on how the executive died, and his identity remains hidden. All Google said was that the executive was a member of the marketing team in Great Britain. 

According to the police a man died in the night of June 21. He was a resident of the United Kingdom. They said that the 30-year-old-man was run over by a car on the highway. The Cannes Police Department refused to confirm whether the man was working for Google. 

Cannes Lions is an annual awards ceremony rewarding those who have accomplished great achievements in global marketing and advertising fields. 

This Google employee is the second company’s executive who has died this year. Another Google Executive, Dan Fredinburg lost his life as he was climbing Mt. Everest at the time when Nepal was struck by a massive earthquake. Fredinburg was an important figure in the field of forward-thinking innovations by Google, such as car without drivers and Google Glass.   

Photo attribution: Tim.Reckmann