Royalty’s Mom, Nia Guzman Turned Down A Trip To Disney World For Her Birthday Party

The dream of being able to host a birthday party for your child at the famous Disney World is arguably every parents dream but for Nia Guzman, that’s not the case as she recently turned down Chris Brown’s request of having her daughter’s birthday hosted at the Disney World.

According to reports by TMZ, Chris Brown, 26, offered to have Royalty’s birthday at Disney World but Nia Guzman-Amey, 31, was not up for the idea stating that her daughter will have birthday party staged at a different location.   

For Royalty’s first birthday party, Nia was in for the option that it be hosted at Chuck E. Cheese something which eventually turned out to be as Royalty’s birthday was hosted there instead of the famous Disney World.

Nia, who was mad at Chris Brown for not attending Royalty’s party at Huston, surprised many by her decision not to have the party at Disney World given the fact that Chris was offering to pay up the costs that were associated with the whole trip including where Nia’s family and friends will stay.

That said it is being reported that she will be hosting his own Royalty birthday party once he finishes shooting his music video. At the moment, the “Royalty” singer is currently in Miami shooting a new music video for one of his music and according to TMZ he has planned a big surprise for Royalty once he gets back to Los Angeles.