Tom Anderson Is Good Looking Now

Tom Anderson is very good-looking now. Tom was the first friend everyone would have on MySpace. He didn’t look too good in that picture. However, a picture recently surfaced that showed Tom in a whole new light. He was dressed different and looked completely different but in a good way. 

This picture, however, was taken two years ago, and it is just now getting through to the public. Sources say, however, this is a good picture of the recent Tom. 

Tom addressed the press on this issue. He told the press that he uses various crèmes from all over the world. This is how he keeps his face looking so pure. He also said his mind is a lot more mature now, too. 

Tom also reminded the press that MySpace is still up and running. He also reminded the press that many famous people have invested in MySpace. With that being said, Tom believes MySpace is going to make a major comeback. He is going to try to do things in order to make MySpace even better. He believes MySpace is just as good as any other social media website. In recent months, more and more people have been turning to MySpace.